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Olieria is a shop where you can taste and buy EVO oil.

We offer a very accurate selection of EVOOs, produced by Italian farms through biological methods, PDO certified, single type or blend, in order to permanently ensure quality, storage and transport.

We are ready to provide you with info and guidance so to better select “your” EVOO, through direct tasting in our shop placed in the centre of Bologna (via Saragozza 47/C) or with suggestions via email or whatsapp and with an E-Commerce offer.

We are a community which refers to the food sector with interest, this is why we periodically organize events and happenings so to explore EVOO world, from different points of view and guided by experts and professional tasters.

Our shop also offers a selection of high quality olives you can directly eat as well as other olives related products, preserved with EVO oil, stainless steel bottles dedicated to EVOO and other beauty  EVOO based products (cosmetics).